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Calculator Lock APK Download for Android (2023) – Calculator Hide App

Download Calculator Lock App Latest Version With Premium Features unlocked for Free. The Leading Files hiding app for android smartphones.


Calculator app lock is the #1 Choice for Every Android User as A Photo & video lock Application for their Smartphone. Download calculator lock Premium Version for Free from our Site and use All the lock features for free. Almost every month, the app gets an update that brings new features. Because of the developer’s hard work, the app has so many features, some of the top features available in the app are :

Calculator Lock App Download: Are You Looking for The Best Calculator App For your android phone? Then You are at the Right Place. We are presenting you with the best calculator app of all time for your Android phones. As we all know that privacy is one of the most important things in this modern technology world, So everyone needs some application to secure their files. So we are presenting you, a free hiding app for your smartphone.

Today in This post I’m going to share with you the Latest Versions of the Calculator vault App for Free. Get all the Premium options without any cost. With the Helping of its Premium Features such as Best Calculator app lock, Photo lock, Video vault, App lock, Documents lock, Audio Hiding & Disengue Icon, You can Lock/Hide all your files & secure them, that only you can see. Download The Calculator Lock Apk for Free from our website. Calculator app lock Apk Version 1.7.5 is now Updated. If Yes, then you’re in the right place to download the calculator app. The calculator APK you will find in this post is perfect for you who wish to download hide or lock their photos & videos from their device.

What is Calculator Lock App?

calculator app lock feature

Calculator App lock is a photo, video, and documents hiding app which available in the play store with 10M+ downloads.

With over 10 Million users from all over the world and 4.5 ratings & 80,423 Reviews on the play store. Calculator Lock Software Application is the Number one application when it comes to photo & video hiding. You can hide photos, and lock video by clicking one button. It also comes with the Disguise icon feature, in which you can change the app icon according to your phone theme. Below is the list of features of the app lock calculator.

Why Calculator Vault App?

With the APK version of the best calculator app lock, you do not have to see tones of ads to use its features. by using the app lock, lock audio, hide documents, and lock videos and photos + more.

The calculator-free version has a limited number of features, You can avoid all the flaws in the calculator if you install the pro version of the app.

You need a Pro subscription to unlock these features. The calculator lock app download premium version is for paid users. This App offers a $3.99 pricing plan for removing the ads. It’s very costly for users who just install the app. But this pro calculator app solved this expensive cost problem for every user.

For most users, paid software is too costly for them. Bur Now, they can use the latest calculator hide app download and be able to lock photos and videos. The calculator app is a mod version of a Calculator app lock that doesn’t require costly and unlocks all the premium functionality for free. This calculator pro app is a great solution for everyone.

Key Highlights

  • Calculator App Lock
  • Photo Locker
  • Video Vault
  • Audio Lock
  • Documents Lock
  • Secret Notes
  • Disguise Icons
  • And More…

How To Use Calculator Lock app?

Open The App then Enter your 4-digit password on the calculator number pad and click the ‘=’ button to open. it will redirect you to the home screen of the lock app. select the Gallery screen to hide photos, the Video screen for lock video, and the same with documents, audio, and notes. Change the calculator icon/logo as your wish by secreting the Disguise icon.

Calculator Lock App will help you with the regular calculation in math. it has the scientific calculator for mathematical equations.

If you Want to Use the calculator lock app for Free on your Android Phone then here is a great and only option that is Download the Calculator and use it. The calculator hide app is an updated version of itself. The Current Version is 100% Safe & in Working Condition mode. A Calculator Vault and best calculator app lock will find it useful since it contains many important features. Not Only do you Hide Files but you can lock Apps on your smartphone and many more.

This is a guide video for the calculator photo lock app download:


Calculator Photo Lock
After selection of images Click on Hide Button at the bottom of the calculator app lock and then secure the photo from the Device and click the lock calculator button to hide picture files into the photo calculator. By using the in-built Photo Viewer, you can view all secret photos inside the calculator lock software. Easily hide photos in the calculator vault from your device. Enjoy a private Image gallery that only you can view.

Calculator Video Lock
Calculator app lock will provide you video vault feature in which you can lock your videos. after entering the correct password you can view your video. Protect your videos from spying eyes and nosy friends. You don’t need to worry about your secret video in the calculator lock app, it’s 100% secure within the calculator. Enjoy the secret Video that only you can see. The video player provides all necessary functions like brightness, sound, and one-key mute to help you easily adjust the video experience.

Calculator App Lock
The calculator app is best for people who are looking for a simple way to hide or lock their videos and photos without having to buy expensive software. The Application has an Applock feature. you can lock your apps from your smartphone. set your pattern lock or number lock to unlock the apps. you can hide apps by using best calculator app lock.

Calculator Docs Lock
Creates a Secret documents lock that offers protection for your private documents like a credit card, id card, passport & academic documents. No one knows the existence of Secret documents except you. The hidden files like photos, videos, audio, and documents are 100% encrypted in the private calculator lock software.

Icon Customizable
The Icon of the calculator application is adjustable to your phone theme, you can change your icon according to your wish. this feature allows you to set the same theme icon for the calculator app as earlier. There are 15+ Icons available in the app to change accordingly to your smartphone theme. No one will predict that this is a lock app. The calculator lock app Offers all the regular Calculator locker functions to make a perfect disguise for the calculator vault. Except for yourself, no one will know your private space.

Secret Notes
Secret Notes Is One of the best features of the calculator. Secret Notes allow you to make a note that no one can view. you can hide your secret notes in the calculator app Lock Download without any problem. Without entering the correct password no one will see your secret notes, write your note in the calculator app and save it. Download the application for Free from our Site and use all the top features.

Premium Version

As you know, Calculator is an In-app purchase application on The Google Play Store. To use it for Free you have to install Calculator Mod APK. Now time to install the latest version of the Calculator app which is the Premium version. No need to pay any money and enjoy the premium Calculator app lock on your Android Device. Download the calculator free for your Android device.

The best way to lock you apps to use calculator lock app in your smart app to lock apps or hide apps within calculator, you can hide secret facebook, instagram, whatsapp or games like pubg & free fire.

How to download Calculator App?

Downloading the correct calculator app is a very tough task. There are hundreds of fake sites, that provide you with the wrong app file malware & viruses. To Download the Best App File follows the below steps.

  • Open The Chrome Browser.
  • Type The “Calculator Lock App Download” in the search bar.
  • You will land on our website post, Click on the Download app.
  • Install it after download.

Our Website is 100% Secure, as we Upload only Working apps and review all the features before uploading the app.

This app is filled with features that will help you lock photos and videos. With the calculator, you can hide photos, hide videos, and lock audio files. you can also use it as a calculator for calculating numbers. Plus, In the Latest Version of best calculator app lock allows you to change the app icon which will help you in better navigation. So what are you waiting for!

Download Calculator Lock Apk for Android

Calculator Lock
NameCalculator Lock App
File Size13 MB
Required4.5 & Up
Updated3 Hours Ago


Calculator Lock Image2

How to Use?

You might think, How to use calculator lock app? but the calculator lock app is very easy to use just install the app and hide your photos and videos. the complete guide to how to use the calculator app lock Download is in the above youtube video.

calculator app lock

Yes, you do now! Download the Calculator Lock app to get all the amazing features of the calculator Premium version and start hiding the files from your phone.


Is Calculator lock Safe to use?

Yes, It is 100% Secure & Safe. But Not Everywhere, Make sure to download the calculator app from a secure website like because there are many sites that provide Bad Apps with Malware and Ads.

How to Unlock calculator Lock files?

Open Calculator lock app, select photos/video/files you want to unlock, long press on it, and click the unhide button to unlock the files.

How to reset the calculator password?

Open the Settings of the calculator app. Click change password, verify your security question and resent the password.

What if I forget my password?

Enter “11223344=” for verification of your security question and reset the password.

What is the Minimum Requirement?

Calculator lock supports 99.99% of any Newly Launched Phones. But The Minimum Requirements are:
– Android 6.0 Or Above
– 2GB Ram & 8GB Storage.

Is Calculator lock available for ios devices?

No. Unfortunately, Calculator photo lock app download is Only for Android Phones not Available for IOS devices.

What is the ad-block price for the calculator lock app?

The subscription price for the calculator premium application is $ 3.99 per year.

Can I use premium features?

Yes, 100%. All the premium features are available in this app for free.


Here we come to the conclusion of this guide about the Calculator App lock Download. Everything In this latest version of the calculator app lock is locked and can be gotten for free without any subscription. Every day the app is growing very fast, so we might guess something more extreme features are coming. Till then, this is the most useful calculator vault-app available on the Google Play Store for free. Definitely, You should try this app.

Also, We Highly Recommend you save/bookmark our page [] So that you will be able to download Future Updates from day one. Our Site will upload a 100% Calculator Lock App Download link at a faster Internet Speed.