Top 5 Best Apps To Hide Your Photos And Other Files on Android

Our entire personal lives are now wound up in the smartphones we carry in our pockets. We capture many photos and videos, which you may want to keep private But, it is possible that your phone may fall into someone’s hands by mistake or you may give it to a friend without knowing their true intentions. Well, if you are an Android user, you don’t have to worry, because there are several apps for hiding photos and videos on Android.

Calculator Lock App

Calculator App lock is a photo, video, and documents hiding app which available in the play store with 10M+ downloads. With over 10 Million users from all over the world and 4.5 ratings & 80,423 Reviews on the play store. Calculator Lock is the Number one application when it comes to photo & video hiding. You can hide photos, and lock video by clicking one button. It also comes with the Disguise icon feature, in which you can change the app icon according to your phone theme. Below is the list of features of the app lock calculator.

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KeepSafe Photo Vault

The KeepSafe app lets you hide all your files that can only be accessed by anyone who knows your PIN, pattern and fingerprint authentication options. KeepSafe comes with advanced security features like fake login PIN, break-in alert (where a selfie of the intruder, time and date of failed attempt is logged) etc.


Vaulty is another photo and file-hiding app that may look a bit dated but does its job perfectly fine. You can simply jump into the app, select the media files you want to hide from the gallery and ‘password protect’ it from anyone. Vaulty can also capture “mugshots” of intruders, who try to access the app but fail to enter the correct password – you’ll instantly know who tried to access the app once you’ve unlocked it.

Hide Something

With Hide Something, you can protect your files from prying eyes by asking them to provide their correct PIN, password or fingerprint. You can get access to a small collection of beautiful themes, and make fake login mode even trickier. However, the feature that takes the cake for me is that the app backs up all your personal media files to Google Drive which means you can access the files anywhere.


All the above mentioned apps are limited only to hide your media files but Vault is an all-round app that helps in protecting only media files. It can hide all your phone data, be it SMS, contacts/call logs or even apps, which contain all your personal information. Vault offers free cloud backup support.

Final Words

One of the biggest advantages of using Android phones is the open file system. You can use a file manager app to access all the files stored locally on your phone. You can copy files to and from the device using an external storage device such as a USB drive or SSD. It makes managing files on a full-fledged computer. So you can save important files and documents on your Android device. But, in addition to saving critical files, it’s also important to secure them so that only you have access You don’t want sensitive information to get into the hands of the wrong people.